You’re Not Alone – Be Heard

When you sign on to Facebook, Twitter, read the posts by your friends, or talk to friends and family, don’t most of them seem so happy all the time?!  Does it seem like you are the only one going through relationship issues, financial, health..etc.?  And you are the only one that seems to have troubles, well you’re not alone!  Let’s face it not all of us are always that happy.  We have our days, and we all certainly have our troubles in life.

It’s not always easy to just open up to someone, and ask for support.  You don’t want the judgement that comes along with it, you’re afraid they won’t understand.  Well, you can come here, tell me and everyone about how your marriage isn’t so great, your troubles at work, finances, health issues, self esteem, and all that you want to just voice out.

I’m going to create a category following this post titled “Be Heard“, and this is for you!  Come by click on the tab, and just comment.  All of you, that might want to voice your opinion on something, or just let it out.  It will help you feel better to be heard, and I promise to hear you out.  Feel free to comment anonymously, you will need to put your email address, but put whatever you want as your “name,” which is visible to public.  You’re privacy will be protected by all means.  I hope you guys come around and voice all your troubles, or questions here, and find support from one another.  Simply know you aren’t alone, it starts with one person sharing to learn that you’re not alone, and we can expand from there!


*I thank the first few that have reached out/commented.  I know it isn’t in the best format right now, but we all start somewhere! ;)*

  1. This is so great and so true! So many times, kind of like today, I am sad and stressed and at wit’s end, but I “smile” online…I guess to get away from my problems or like you said, sometimes it’s just hard to open up to other people you don’t really know. I think that your vision here is awesome and I truly thank you for speaking out!

    • Hi Luckystars54, that’s exactly what I was going for, I’m so happy that you find it useful! I find comfort in “escaping” from my troubles online too, maybe too often to be honest! I’m sorry you’re feeling sad and stressed, feel free to voice it all out here, I bet you many of us could relate!


    • Momma
    • August 14th, 2011

    Hey Hali! This is a perfect post for me today!! I usually have sunshine coming out my butt online because I am fortunate to be a very happy person! That said, I do have issues in my family life like everyone! I’ve let my DH’s drinking problems slip out on Twitter a couple times and usually regret tweeting it! I don’t know if I feel ashamed of it or that people will judge me, probably both. I don’t know how to deal with his drinking and it’s driving me nuts! He’s never home, always out partying! When he is home, he’s either hungover and sleeping or crazy annoying from being buzzed! I can’t believe I’m saying all this! I do LOVE my time alone with my little guys, but it does get pretty lonely! So glad I found a group of really sweet people like yourself on Twitter! Wow, I use exclamation points a lot, lol!!! Thanks for giving me a place to vent! 🙂

    • Momma
    • August 14th, 2011

    Aaaaand again, like always, I regret opening my mouth! Oh well, guess it feels good to vent, even though it is embarrassing!!

  2. Hi Momma, first off thank you on behalf of so many for speaking up, and letting them know they are not alone, even if someone doesn’t never know who is reading! As you know this is a new category, and actually a new blog, so thank you.
    I have opened up on twitter, and then felt embarrassed and deleted before, those moments when Im feeling sad and want to be heard.

    I know many of my uncles that were alcoholics that ruined lives that way, including their own. I can’t relate exactly but relationship issues sucks! It’s not fair to any of you guys that he is this way. I know there are always good things in life, and by talking about the negative, you wont be judged..not here, so please don’t feel embarrassed at all! How frustrating to have to deal with it all. I’m sorry. In the end, it’s his loss! 😦
    You deserve better! I can relate to feeling lonely at times, I think it happens when you dedicate your all to your family sometimes… We have to turn around and keep our smiles on for our kids no matter what, so come on back and vent away anytime!
    I know this isn’t something that’s just bothering you now, and will go away overnight. So please feel free to come comment, whenever..about it or anything anytime.
    In the meantime, remember your worth! ❤

    • Momma
    • August 14th, 2011

    Thank you for your kind words! It really means a lot & feels good to know I have a place to vent!!! 🙂

  3. Momma, hang in there honey. I was there with my DH for years and through a pregnancy. We have survived it all and are so much stronger than we were before, but have had some really tough times in the very recent past again, which I regret openly “speaking” about on the world wide web. You just have to decide if it’s worth it to stick it out and fight it out, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Lean on God and allow him to guide your heart. I know what you are feeling and am here for you.

  4. Who knows that feeling..when things aren’t so great at home. And you reach out to the web to feel better…

    • Soon2BDivorced
    • August 19th, 2011

    Momma, I can totally relate. My DH is a recovering alcoholic and current pot user. Its tough to live with someone who struggles so much with addiction. Unfortunately for us, his addictions have cost us our marriage. We are in the early stages of divorce. I have never wished to be able to “push rewind” on life before…but I do now. I know that would mean giving up my children, but I feel like THEY are the ones who are going to suffer most because of this and once again, DH gets to skate through life with his addiction wrecking everything around him and he feels no consequence. He has ruined me as a person and made me into something I hate…all because of his addictions and the personality issues that surround addicted people, he’s lost his job and spent thousands of our money on drugs and alcohol, forced me to close my business (something I deeply loved), and now I have to move out, get a job, and raise two kids on my own because he can’t deal with life. It makes me sick to my stomach and makes me loathe his presence immensely. Just know that you’re not alone. There are many of us out there with addicted DH’s. Have you thought of Al Anon? I have been told about it but never gone.

  5. Sometimes people are so selfish and blinded by addiction or some other issues that they don’t see what they are doing to everyone around them. I’m so sorry Soon2B. that this happening to you guys. Poor kids that have to deal with this… And you, how much you have to hold your head up high, feeling this way. If you guys are divorcing, ironically it might be better for them to not have to see their dad like this. I’m sorry you have to start all over. I am here to listen at the least. A thing to remember is it is never too late to better your life, and since there is no other way to go but forward, go forward with confidence. Knowing what happened, happened, and that you are leaving something negative in your life. Whatever it may be, don’t let it get the last of you, breathe and keep concentrating on the positives while addressing what you have to.
    I’m happy that you came by and shared this. I know us talking about it can’t fix the problem, but going through this by yourself is not right. Here is a place where your identity is private, and there’s no judgement. You are all welcome to just %$##$#@&^)(!!@#$%^& if you want! lol 😉

    xo Soon2BDivorced

    -Momma I hope you are doing well, and I’m sure we all are..because what else can we do. We are always “going” along with life and time. Remember we are here, for anything big or small! 😉

    • Momma
    • August 20th, 2011

    Thanks so much Whitney! It’s been 4 years & two pregnancies, his drinking just keeps getting worse! I really hope he stops before it’s too late, he’s missing so much time in his children’s lives! Right now I’m enjoying my time alone with my little guys & pray I don’t have to make some hard decisions when they start school! Feels good to know I’m not alone, thank you for sharing!!!

  6. What a good idea!
    I think my whole blog persona is based on the idea that women, especially mothers, feel like they are alone in their failings.
    I don’t think I’m the only one who has put dirty dishes in the oven when unexpected company arrives. At least I hope not.

  7. Anne, I don’t do that..but that’s a great idea! lol… Surely you aren’t the only one! 😉

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