Ready For The Party

It’s way passed my bedtime..not that I have any, but a proper time to sleep has long passed!  But I just finished the last preparations for my son’s birthday party tomorrow.  Hardest part was baking his cupcakes, but it’s all ready.  Only a few close friends, and family are coming so luckily I didn’t need to bake so many.  His first birthday, we ordered a cake for everyone, and my son if I recall didn’t have a cake.  On his second birthday, I baked him his own little cake, tasted great just didn’t look too great.  It was outside in the end of July, so the heat melted the icing.  We also served food for everyone that wasn’t allergy friendly, and made my son a separate dish.  That actually resulted in my little boy running around with hives, and I had to give him Benadryl.  Water balloons, and kids running around playing together caused that!  So this year I made cupcakes for everyone.  Completely allergy friendly, but just as good as the “normal” cupcakes.  I will stick to it’s healthier too, fresher organic authentic ingredients, can’t get that with most ordered cakes from store/bakery.  We are also keeping the food simple, and mostly allergy friendly.

I had some obstacles where the frosting wasn’t solid enough, and was running.  But with a few changes to original plan, they came out great!  My son actually ate two before he went to bed, and he never gets to eat cake so I let him.  He was licking the batter, and then the frosting the whole time.  It made me so happy to see him enjoy the simple things of being a kid.  I will post pics, and more about his birthday party this week once the fun is all over.  I’m ready for the party, but just need some sleep now!  Til’ next time!

  1. I empathize; my son has peanut, treenut, egg and other allergies which always make birthdays a challenge. I depend on the Cherry Hill mix, quick an easy, so always have cupcakes on hand for other parties, his own, and school events. It’s just a way of life. FOund yu via coffee break blog hop.

  2. It is definitely a way of just learn to do a little more. Thanks for your comment, and glad to connect with you Sandra! 🙂

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