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Wordless Wednesday – Cookies

Last few days to enter to win COOKIES ūüėÄ here¬†Ends 9/2

Thanks Irene

So with the news of hurricane Irene coming our way, we were all very shook up by all the “warnings.” ¬†With a few days of not taking it all so seriously, we finally did go and get prepared two days before. ¬†My husband and I went and gathered up all the necessities in the case of an emergency. ¬†I made sure I had enough ready to eat food for my son, and all his medications. ¬†It was a scary feeling. ¬†After speaking to my family that also live in New York City, we all decided that if things were to get really bad, the safest place was our apartment.

Our windows face the back of the building, we are on the fifth floor, and our neighborhood is on higher ground.  Everyone came over Friday night, with the unknown future but we all were determined to make the best of it.  We had enough food, and drinks to last us a good while if we needed it.  Once everyone was settled, we all enjoyed a huge dinner that I had prepared for everyone, reminded me of a good old family get together.  We had three toddlers running around, the men just relaxing watching t.v., us women playing cards.  Then, we opened up a bottle of wine, and played Pictionary as a family.  It was so fun to laugh, and play with each other we almost forgot why we had all had gathered.

The night passed by fast, our parents were asleep, and so were the kids. ¬†But my husband, siblings, and I stayed up as we listened to every loud sound of wind and rain hitting the windows. ¬†We were so relieved to see the outcome of the hurricane turned tropical storm. ¬†We had some rain coming in through the sides of one of our windows from the strength and amount of rain, but glad to report that as the only “damage.” ¬†In the end we had very little sleep, but a night we won’t forget. ¬†By Sunday afternoon, everyone had headed back home, and I was at the toy store with my little family. ¬†The winds were still stronger than usual, but nothing unbearable.

So thankful to have been fortunate, just a reminder of who’s in control. ¬†Mother Nature. ¬†Be kind to¬†her¬†people. ¬†I joked that Irene is her daughter sent out to deliver a message to us, but..really!

Hope everyone that wasn’t as fortunate is doing well, and will recover soon from everything.

And oh..thanks Irene for being kind to us, as many of us know it could have been worse…

The Day Baby Was Born‚ĄĘ – A New Web App From Tommie Tippee

Many of you know already that my son is three years old now from previous posts (here and here), and as he gets older I look back to when he was born and realize how much time has flown by. ¬†I think back to when I was pregnant and it seems so far away, yet like yesterday! ¬†If you are a parent, you may know what I mean? ¬†It has been so long, so much has happened. ¬†But I remember it like yesterday, I feel the emotions like yesterday. ¬†As I am typing right now, I am feeling joy watching my baby boy asleep next to me. ¬†I always joke around and say it is a high, a happy high, words can’t describe, that I get when I think of the day he was born. ¬†Ever had so much fun, laughing that you just get a happy high? *lol..well maybe you can relate? ^_^

I was in labor for hours as my contractions had started hours before I made it to the hospital. ¬†I kept calling, trying to prevent getting there too early and getting sent back home. ¬†Don’t get me wrong I was in serious amounts of pain, and then I was fine, then back to serious amounts of pain, and back again for a very long time. ¬†Apparently I’m very patient, and good with pain?! <Complete surprise to me. ¬†After I finally made it to the hospital, I used no medications to help me dull the pain and at the time I thought I would die if I didn’t, but once I heard my baby boy cry for the first time, the pain literally went away. ¬†They put him on top of me right away and it was simply amazing to have him in my arms for the first time. ¬†It was an incredibly emotional and magical time. ¬†I felt like everything happened so fast, I couldn’t believe it. ¬†I still can’t believe that this amazing little boy is my son! ūüėÄ

He is my first and only little boy, and as much as I have many pictures of him. ¬†I wish I had documented it all well. ¬†Which brings me to the new The Day Baby Was Born‚ĄĘ, free web app. ¬†It is this very cool web app that let’s you capture the very special moments ūüėČ with ease by creating a story book. ¬†It is perfect for us parents who just don’t have the time to put it all together with a newborn. ¬†Here’s an awesome example of the app in use that I’m sure you’ll love: sample story book.

Getting started with and using the app is much easier than creating a memorable story book on your own that you might start and never get to finishing being a new parent. ¬†Which I am sadly guilty of… ¬†If you are expecting, sign up, and try this new FREE app today. ¬†Here’s an image of what to expect on the home page.

With The Day Baby Was Born‚ĄĘ you can capture all that you want or just some of the following:
  • Facebook Wall comments and well-wishes by friends and family through pregnancy and birth announcements
  • Your pregnancy journal from each week of the journey to the birth day
  • News, facts and information from the day your baby was born
  • Your personal story and letter to baby to preserve forever the feelings from that day
  • It‚Äôs is a simple way to create a beautiful record of the world at the moment your baby arrived

To get the full effect of what you can do, you must see the sample story book.  I loved it, and really wish I had this with my baby boy.

This app has recently been launched by Tommie Tippee.  Keep updated by following @tommeetippee_na on Twitter and become a fan of Tommee Tippee on Facebook.


I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Tommee Tippee blogging contest for a chance to get a gift pack worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Why I’m A Stay At Home Mom

I have been questioned as to why I am a stay at home mom before, I am because the risk out ways the loss of whatever I might earn financially. ¬†We don’t know anyone that has food allergies that are near us, that we actually physically know. ¬†We have family that loves him very much, but nobody that really cares to learn what he is allergic to. ¬†My husband and I have never had time to ourselves together. ¬†We seriously have no one that can care for him. ¬†Maybe as he gets older, but if people aren’t confident in caring for him, then how could we take that risk.

So everywhere we go, we go together as a family, and if it isn’t kid friendly, most times I stay home with my little one. ¬†I know many parents couldn’t imagine how this could be, but this is how our life is and what seems to be the only option.

As time to ourselves is important, it isn’t an option, or at least a risk we aren’t willing to take. ¬†My mom passed away towards the end of my high school years, my dad remarried. ¬†Point being grandparents aren’t an option for babysitters for many reasons. ¬†So we make the best of what we have, and I do enjoy my time with my son. ¬†It’s a tough situation, one that is hard to understand if you aren’t in our shoes. ¬†Every time we visited family my son used to break out in hives, and get an asthma attack where he would start wheezing if we stayed too long. ¬†Luckily for now, that has improved.

I remember on his second birthday party he was running around with his eyes very much swollen with hives all over, and no one noticed?! ¬†It was so strange that no one noticed, but they just didn’t. ¬†I didn’t look for attention, I took care of him. ¬†On his third birthday party a few weeks back, as fun as it was as I posted about it here, it didn’t pass without an allergy incident. ¬†He got really hot at the park started scratching, and got mysterious hives all over. ¬†And in all this, there we are stripping our sons clothes off wiping him down, putting anti-itch cream, giving him Benadryl, all while our baby boy was crying. ¬†I knew he didn’t eat anything that caused this, it was just the heat… ¬†What did everyone do? ¬†They looked over, and simply asked “what happened?” ¬†They genuinely didn’t see it as a big deal, or realize what was going on. ¬†I was so sad to see this, our closest family and friends can’t figure out that it is an allergic reaction?! ¬†No concern either!? ¬†Another fantastic reason why I will not be dropping my son off anywhere so I can get time to myself or time with my husband.

When my son starts coughing or wheezing because of his asthma, or a hive appears anywhere on his body, I notice. ¬†I am the one that knows how to create dishes for him so he isn’t left out wherever we are. ¬†I am not saying our friends and family don’t love him, but they just don’t understand. ¬†I don’t depend on anyone for this reason, my little boy is our responsibility.

So many of you are very fortunate to have someone to help, actually many of you are fortunate that your little one doesn’t have food allergies. ¬†Be sure to thank the ones that help you out. ¬†ūüôā

I can keep going on about the many reasons why I’m a stay at home mom, all really revolving around keeping my son alive. ¬†The fact is food allergies is life threatening! ¬†That scares me.

My son has food allergies to wheat, rye, oat, banana, onion, garlic, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, sweet potato, and maybe more all that are life threatening.

GIVEAWAY: 2 Boxes of Enjoy Life Foods- Crunchy Cookies

I recently reviewed the Enjoy Life Foods crunchy cookies. ¬†They come in¬†Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Sugar Crisp, and the Vanilla Honey Graham. ¬†Doesn’t it all sounds so good? ¬†Well they are! ¬†My husband and I really like these cookies. ¬†It is so true to its name, it has a great crunch and really very good. ¬†They crumble, they crunch, oh they are so good. ¬†Since my review, I find myself in love with the double chocolate crunch cookie! ¬†It has turned slightly chewy, and I love it. ¬†It is like a two in one! ¬†Hard to believe that they are allergy friendly. ¬†Most important to me, is that it is really good without many, and most top common allergens. ¬†They have simple real ingredients! ¬†We love brands like¬†Enjoy Life Foods¬†that offer great varieties products that are safe for our son to enjoy. ¬†My son is allergic to a long list of allergens, as you can see on my About page.

So important to know what’s in your food, these cookies have no mysterious or strange ingredients! Check out the ingredient list for one of the cookies; Chocolate Chip. ¬†They all have simple ingredients just like this one. ¬†You also can check out the ingredient list on their site. ¬†

A few important facts about Enjoy Life products:

  • Gluten free and allergy friendly.
  • Free of all top eight allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish.
  • And most products are also free of potatoes, sesame, sulfites, and casein.
  • No artificial ingredients, trans fats, or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

To learn more about them and other Enjoy Life products go to their site by clicking here: Enjoy Life Foods

Now one of you can win TWO boxes of these crunchy cookies, of your choice! Yayy!! ūüôā¬†

They are SO good!  You know you love cookies!! 
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*This giveaway is sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. The sponsor is responsible for delivering prize to winner. My opinions may differ from yours.

And the winner is “denimorse” Congratulations! ūüôā

Great thanks to everyone that entered! More giveaways to come!

Wordless Wednesday – 0_o

Didn’t expect to see this right?

I know it’s not winter..yet. ¬†*LOL* ¬†But where did the summer go?

REVIEW: Enjoy Life Foods- Crunchy Cookies

Once again, I bring you Enjoy Life Foods. ¬†I’m happy to give you guys a review of four of the newest items added to their great¬†product line.

The crunchy cookies come in four different varieties; Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Sugar Crisp, and the Vanilla Honey Graham. Unfortunately my son was not able to enjoy them, as we found out he is allergic to an ingredient or two. ¬†It has millet and buckwheat flour both of which he hadn’t tried yet. ¬†I gave him a little to try and he got hives. ¬† There are still products that you can have from Enjoy Life Foods, if you are also allergic to these ingredients, as my son does. ¬†Please check out my “About” page to see the long list of foods my son is allergic to.

My husband and I tried all four. ¬†They are as close as it gets to enjoying crunchy cookies allergy friendly. ¬†Although my son isn’t able to, many who are okay with the simple ingredients will surely enjoy it.

¬†We tried all four one by one, and my favorite was the Double Chocolate,¬†¬†only because of the chocolate, otherwise we liked them all. ¬†My husband liked the Sugar Crisp most, which was really good too. ¬†We first tried the Vanilla Honey Graham cookies and I thought it had a crunchy and slightly chewy texture but still very good. ¬†The rest of the cookies were very crunchy, perfect for dipping in dairy free milk, or enjoying just as is of course. ¬†My husband and I don’t have any food allergies and we liked it. ¬†I’d definitely recommend you give these a try, and if you have any or many dietary restrictions, these are great as there are very few brands that offer varieties like this that are safe. ¬†I’d also recommend before you look for them in stores or online websites, visit¬†Enjoy Life Foods¬†site to read the ingredients for each product you are looking to try.

A few important facts about Enjoy Life products:

  • Gluten free and allergy friendly.
  • Free of all top eight allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish.
  • And most products are also free of potatoes, sesame, sulfites, and casein.
  • No artificial ingredients, trans fats, or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

To learn more about them and other Enjoy Life products go to their site by clicking here: Enjoy Life Foods

*I received these items to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own.

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