I’m Sure You’re Not Alone!

The truth is life is not perfect.  And all moments aren’t always so great.  For example my little boy has been coughing for the last two days.  Well, so what’s the big deal, he just has a cold?!  It could easily just be a cold, but he has never just had a cold. 😦 Every time that he has gotten a runny nose, or cough it has always ended up with his asthma symptoms coming around and eventually ending up in the ER.  It never fails, and so I’m at a loss of sleep with my little boy in my arms, hearing him breathe for the past few hours.  Hoping to not hear or see his little chest pulling.  Another sad thing my little boy has to deal with, and my husband and I don’t have asthma so it’s all new to us too, just like his food allergies.  I just feel helpless, just to remember back to when he was able to even crawl/wobble, he would bring me his asthma mask when he didn’t feel too well.  He knew he needed his nebulizer and at a very young age always knew and was right about his asthma symptoms coming around.

So I’m just venting away.  I am upset that my son has food allergies, and asthma.  I’m upset that as much as I try, he isn’t able to really lead a normal childhood.  I feel helpless and want to take all of it from him if I can.  I grew up having none of these issues, I just feel bad.  Even with the facts, I wonder what caused him to have these issues.  I often blamed myself, wondered if it was my diet during pregnancy.  I’m past being upset and confused.  I am where I make every effort to make sure he isn’t left out, and doesn’t ever feel different in a negative way.  But there you have it, the not so secretive truth, I’m not happy that my son has food allergies or asthma.  I always find the positive in it all, but really yeah I’m upset.  I know how the world without any food allergies or asthma sees us, and I know unless you are in the same situation you can’t really understand.  I don’t expect anyone to understand or accommodate anymore.  But I still do feel sad with how the closest family members, and friends don’t get it, and don’t make an effort.  But this is my life, our life, and we are like every other average family.

As parents we try our best to give our children the best and most of us have our own issues to deal with.  Whether its food allergies, asthma, your kids throwing a tantrum, your kids not going to sleep at night, or your kids aren’t learning as they should.  Whatever we might be dealing with…  We are stressed at times, but hide it with a smile.  We are discouraged at times, but give everyone else encouragement.

I certainly always focus on the positives, but once in a while, it’s good to just voice it out, and be heard.  Whatever it might be, what’s bothering you?  What do you want to just vent out about?  Feel free to comment anonymously, but one thing I promise you will be heard.  And remember it only takes one person to share, to find that you’re not alone!  Click on the tab “Be Heard” anytime for support with any issues big or small.  Sure you got family and friends but sometimes they don’t get it or you don’t really want to tell anyone, so come on don’t be shy and let it out, don’t be all stressed by dealing with it by yourself! Because you’re not alone!  😉 


  1. Oh Hali, I am in tears reading this. J, my oldest was in and out of the hospital 13 times during the first 2 years of his life with asthma related illnesses, from RSV to total lung collapse and in ICU for a week. After that stent in ICU, we were released and almost lost him to a severe nut allergy, surprise mom! I was mad too, blamed myself and asked why him every day. Well now, he no longer has asthma!!! God took that away from him about a year and a half ago now and we have seen to traces or evidence that he was ever that sick of a child once. He is still scarily and deathly allergic to all nuts, but is a healthy boy for the most part. He’s a little smaller and behind the other kids his age as far as losing teeth and such, but healthy! Miracle can happen, I saw it first hand, but right now my heart goes out to you, I know how you feel and where you are with all of it and it’s okay to feel that way!! Please know I totally understand and will always be here to talk to, I know better than anyone honey 🙂

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