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Food Allergy Scares Are Everywhere

One of the many things I fear as a parent of a food allergic child, is curiosity getting my baby in serious trouble.  I have always feared that even though he knows all the facts, and as much as he understands, that when left on his “own” he will give certain foods a try.  I fear that he will get together with friends, and just try.  I stress it so much, that will harm him if he even touches certain foods.

Well, that fear came very real the other day!  We went to the farmers market earlier in the day, had bought some fresh local vegetables, fruits, and we got tempted to buying organic whole grain bread that our son is allergic to.  Not the first time we had brought food our boy is allergic into our home.  He knows what he can and can’t have, and we usually put it out of his reach and if we eat it, it is when he is asleep or totally out of his reach.  We are very careful with it, as it is basically “poison” to our son.  We had just came in, and I had dropped on counter.

It wasn’t long after we had returned back home, my son went to wash his hands after me, I exited to the bedroom to change.  No big deal, normal, usual activity.  I hear crumbling of paper in the other room, as I finished changing, I come into the kitchen to see my little boy with the long french bread in his hands out of the paper bag it was his hands!!! My heart must have stopped right then and there for atleast a few seconds, I totally panicked.  Ran, grabbed him, frantically washing his hands, checking him all over.  Luckily he wasn’t harmed, and not even a hive appeared.  He didn’t eat any of it, what I saw was what he had done.  Pulled the bread out of its bag, and held it out of curiosity.

I gave him a long speech, telling him how serious it was that he never do that again.  He even told me he touched the “allergy bread,” which worries me more too.  What if he now thinks that nothing will happen, because look how nothing happened.

It was total panic mode for a while, so to make up for it, we made apple pie together that evening.  I wanted to make him that “exact” same bread that he can have, but unfortunately still haven’t found a good bread recipe, and have never made “real” bread before.  I have made many versions of bread myself.  It was our first time baking apple pie, and his first time ever having.  Unfortunately we had no patience, and didn’t let the pie cool enough before picking at it, which made my son decide that he doesn’t like apple pie because it is too crumbly!  Once it was cooled completely, it was really very good, but he didn’t want to try it.  We will try again soon.

So it is very real, and scary when what he needs to stay away from will always be available and around him.  Everywhere we go, anyone we spend time with, eventually eats something they are raving about, that he can’t have.  Saddens me that my son can’t have it all, and scares me that it can harm him.

In the meantime, I am keeping a close eye on everything near him, telling him more about his allergies, and creating all that I can to make sure he doesn’t feel left out.

The Red Fruity Drink That Lead To My First…

It has been too long since I last really posted!  Have been so busy, and usually get posts done at night but have been too tired to stay up.  Nothing too eventful has happened lately.

Although!  Totally unrelated to my usual posts, in non parenting news; I experienced my first hangover.  I don’t get out much being a full-time mom.  But this time the party came to me.  Our neighbor was having a party for their two-year old boy, and invited us.  You might already be wondering how I ended up having a hangover at a toddlers birthday?!  Well for starters the party started at around eight, and was full of drinks and music.  What can I say?  Every culture does it differently.  And I don’t judge! 🙂  Never met our neighbors before until that night, and they were very nice people.  Have shared the elevator plenty of times, and might’ve had “weather talk” but nothing more.

It was a last-minute invite while my husband was on the elevator with them, probably when they were talking about the know how those conversations go.  At first we were thinking of not walking over five steps to their apartment, but then they came knocking on our door.  They have parties very often, and the music is loud enough to fill up half of our apartment, so it was interesting to see the other side of the wall.  My sister in-law was over with her son, and we had already had some wine with dinner already.  When we entered next door, we were handed drinks right away, and they didn’t take “no” for an answer.  So we thought, why not, and drank it!  It was a fruity red drink, that was secretly realllllly strong.

Lucky for me, my sister in-law stayed next door with the kids after we put them to sleep.  So I danced, I drank another one of those fruity drinks!  Before I knew it, I was feeling so drunk!  I don’t drink, I mean it is safe to say I don’t.  I don’t even go out, and it is hard to remember the last time I really went out.  Again, lucky for me, home was five steps away.  So I nicely walked away from the party once I felt a little waddle in my step, and blur in my vision.  Made sure all was well, went to bed as it was very late at the time.

Woke up in the morning feeling wonderful! I thought.  Lied in bed talking to my husband for about five minutes, talking about how great I felt, until I got up and my world spun!  I felt worse than the night before.  I felt dizzy, my head hurt SO bad, felt a heart burn feeling coming over me, felt like I could taste the alcohol, I was so thirsty, I mean “what was that red drink!?” I said frantically with a frown on my face.  So that was the day, the day I experienced my first ever hang over!

Happy to report my day went by fine despite what I apparently put my body through, and after I had some hot soup as I was directed to have, I felt better.  My little boy didn’t know a thing, and I still made him yummy pancakes that morning with a side of hemp milk!  That was definitely a moment I wont forget, dealing with a hangover while making sure I’m mommy first, because the headache can wait.

One thing to be learned from this post is; don’t drink the foreign fruity red drink, not after you have had wine, and definitely don’t agree to a second. 

When did you experience your first hangover?  Do you have any ways of “curing” the hangover?

Wordless Wednesday – Our New Car!

Made a new car with my son! 😛
We didn’t put too much thought or planning into it, and we have made better ones.  But this has always been one of our favorite things to do together.

Lots you can create..what do you do with old boxes?

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