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Toddlers Top Picks – The Deluxe Build A Road Set

Are you done with holiday shopping for the little ones in your life yet?  I have been looking and finding so many great items for my little boy this year.  Most of “our” picks are for him, but also just as fun for little girls as well.  We have many little ones in our family that we need gifts for as well, but they are the best to shop for.  🙂

Our latest pick is from the Imagine Toys  website.  They have a great variety of really cute toys.

We spent a long time on their site because as I mentioned such a great variety, and loved this Deluxe-Build-A-Road-Set.  It comes with 400 hundred pieces that includes the flexible track and two cars.  Looks like they all snap on from what I can see, and is recommended for ages 3 and up, perfect for my little boy.

Says no tools are required, and I believe the two toy cars are battery operated.  There’s a video of the toy in action on the site as well, looks like hours of fun.  Looks like a toy that takes up lots of space as it says the tracks make 20 feet, but don’t we all wish we had one of these growing up?

Family Meals During The Holidays

So as our little boy gets older, it seems to get harder to just feed on the go.  For some of you that don’t know, he has severe multiple food allergies, find a full list of his allergies here.

When he was an infant, no problem, I breast-fed.  When he was a little older, still no problem, he ate very little of whatever I made him.  Now he is three, with so many preferences and opinions when it comes to his food.  One year I made the family turkey (allergy friendly) and brought it over to my dads house, we aren’t very traditional so it worked out just fine!  The year after that I made my boy a collection of his favorites and brought it to my sister in-laws home, still worked out just fine.  As long as his plate was full of good food, he ate it.  So as you can see the only way that it really works is if I make him food and bring it along with us, where ever we are headed.

This year proves to be more difficult because we will be sitting around a table far from home and having a “traditional” family meal at another sister in-laws home.  I’m nervous because I like to make him a version of everything that might be on the table.  I’m thinking of making a whole chicken, and some sides to take with me for him to enjoy.  Sides will include all the vegetables he likes, mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, pickles, I mean anything I can think of so he can have a feast.  🙂  I always look like I’m moving in whenever I go visit friends or family for a day, or for a meal.  I carry all the food, drinks if needed, plates, his silverware..I carry so much because I just don’t want my boy to be left out.  Happy boy makes happy mommy.  🙂

Many of the little kids in my family aren’t even into food like my son is, which is so ironic.  They can have it all, but pay no mind to what’s on the table and what people eat during this or that holiday.  While my son is very aware, and wants a piece and taste of it all.  I say he loves food and appreciates it because he knows he can’t have so much, so when he can, he appreciates.

Also have to figure out what I’ll make for dessert for him as well.  A busy day awaits, but in the end all worth it when I see my little boy eating away.

I’m thankful to proudly say I have successfully made sure my son is not left out during the holiday meals these past few years, what are you most thankful for?

~Happy Thanksgiving!~

Toddlers Top Picks – Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck

I’m no pro in the toy department, but I do love toys, and I happen to have a toddler that does too. 😉  With that, I want to share another pick that caught my little boys eye and has been on his mind.  Ever since he saw Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck, he wants it and asks for it every time we mention anything to do with toys or buying anything.

He doesn’t ask for toys often, but this truck that talks and shoots balls out, seems to be special.

It really does look fun, I will admit and agree.  Retailing at $60, can be found on amazon for about $45 with free shipping, if you hurry and catch the deals going!!  Here’s a direct link for you: click to see Smokey on

Guess which little boy who has been so very good is getting one?  But ssshhh!  Don’t go telling him…  Santa is watching you! 🙂

Feel free to share any suggestions with me, we still have room under our tree.

Toddlers Top Picks – The Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer

As we all know our little ones love the iPad as much as we all do.  So Leapfrog has come out with the LeapPad Explorer for kids, which I see as the kids version of the iPad.  It sounds fun, with different educational apps and more without costing as much as an iPad, and made durable for a toddler.

So that’s one of the items on our “wish list” this season.  I know for sure my son would love it, because he loves playing on his grandpa’s iPad.

Only reason I am questioning our purchase a bit would be because of the apps and books that need to be purchased separately.  I’m horrible with anything that you spend so much money on and still need to spend overtime to enjoy it.  It just becomes a new expense added instead of a new toy or item just purchased.  I’d want my little boy to enjoy the LeapPad to the fullest, so I have to decide if I’m willing to continue to make more purchases.

It’s a given with any gadget that you need to purchase more to enjoy it, so I really am liking what I see despite all that I just said.  Really seems like the new must have for little ones this season.  Wish I owned it already for our vacation coming up, sounds perfect for the long flights and waits in between.

Do you have it already?  What are your thoughts?

Simple Joys Of My Life

I have so much on my mind, I just couldn’t sleep.  Ever have those nights?

Well, I turned on my laptop, went on the Twitter, and read some tweets.  Went on Facebook, and read some status updates.  And..some time later..still can’t sleep..the longer I stayed up and online the more I had on my mind, and I just couldn’t shut down.

Quite obviously I’m still up, but my mind has stopped evaluating my life to the extreme, and planning my “to do” list for tomorrow.  Instead I see this amazing little boy asleep next to me.  I smile at all he has to say, all that he thinks of, all that he does..everything that makes him who he is.  Only three years old, and just an amazing little boy.  A little boy who will make a walk across the street to buy groceries an adventure, a little subway ride an “adventure through the tunnels” as he calls it, a boy that makes anything and everything fun and sweet.

And so tonight, despite all my worries, all that I have to do tomorrow, I sleep, a short few hours, but I sleep with a smile on my face because I have my little boy by me.

The simple joys of life, the real joys of life. ❤


Brookstone – Veterans Day Special

I just received a notice in my email from Brookstone about their Veterans Day special.

I shop there often, specially for the men in my life.  If you have a special someone in your life that you need a gift for, or want to treat yourself for that cool item you’ve been eyeing, today is a good day.  This is only valid in stores, and ends on Sunday. You can get a $20 gift card for a purchase of $100 or more.

You can get free shipping on qualifying purchases when you order online and spend $100 or more with promo code SHIP99, if you don’t have a chance to make it to the store but still need to get that item.

Really cool variety of items there.  Check out the sales section to get the most out of your money, and get some gifts ready for the holidays.  Happy shopping!

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