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REVIEW: Tommee Tippee – Explora Drinking Cups


If you have a little one at home, you might relate to what happens to us every time we step out of our home. ¬†My son gets really thirsty or hungry..the second we are far enough out of our home that we can’t just run back in. ¬†I carry so much even to the simplest trips out. ¬†Like anyone, I look for the best containers to carry drinks and snacks for him.

We recently tried the¬†spill proof drinking cup¬†from the Tommee Tippee Explora line. ¬†I’ve tried many cups over the years from different brands for my son, and these will fit in with my favorites. ¬†They are fun for kids because of the colors and graphics. ¬†Easy to drink from, specially made to be offer a natural transition for little ones with¬†Advance-flo‚ĄĘ technology.

My favorite part, they are really spill proof, and I stress that because I have bought and used many that are supposed to be, but weren’t. ¬†The base of the cups are insulated, so keeps drinks cooler for longer, great in the summer of course, but also if you are indoors for long and want to keep a cool drink. ¬†BPA free which is a must, of course. ¬†They are stage 5 cups, good for 24+ months, although my son is three and has used it everyday all week, and seems to approve. ūüėČ

These are great to fill with water and toss into my bag when I head out the door, because I know I’ll need it.

Look at everything you can get from Tommie Tippee, and the Explora line here.  Keep updated by following @tommeetippee_na on Twitter and become a fan of Tommee Tippee on Facebook.

They also have an app, you can learn more about it here on a previous post.

*I received these to review, but all opinions are 100% mine, and my toddler. ~‚ô•~

Painted Cookies Mommy?

We decorated cookies for the first time together, with color!

I have made him cupcakes, cakes, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, funnel cake, many things, but not sugar cookies we can decorate.  Oh the excitement!  To have seen other kids eat it, and to have seen pretty colorful cookies at stores and bakeries, and not be able to touch it, to eat it..well now he finally could!

I have been looking for food coloring to make cakes, cupcakes and cookies fun for him forever. ¬†Up until two weeks before Christmas, I only made white, a slight pink one (made from beets), and brown frosting made from real cacao powder. ¬†Due to his many food allergies it was hard to find one I could trust to be safe, most of the ones I found had “modified food starch,” which according to my research could be a range of food items. ¬†And another I had found had sweet potatoes as coloring, it was all so hard to take a chance. ¬†Finally found a food coloring that worked for us.

It turned out really crunchy, sweet and tasty, as for appearance, I can say, my son was pleased. ūüôā ¬†It was my first time decorating cookies so I give myself the pass, even if it wasn’t the best looking…

Cutest thing to hear my son as me, “Mommy is it paint?” ¬†“Is it yucky? ¬†Can I taste it?” ¬†“What is it mommy?” ¬†Just because of the vibrant colors, he has seen them, but to actually know he can have them, I was so excited to finally be able to give him fun cookies to eat.

Since by now you already see, these are cookies from around Christmas, so to go along with my “going back in time” post, here’s a pic of our tree. ūüėȬ†

Cold Delicious Heaven – Rita’s Italian Ice

This past summer we went to Rita’s for the first time, and found out that our son can have ices from there. ¬†It only took us three years to find out, and wish we had known sooner. ¬†Good thing our son is still three years old and can enjoy Rita’s from now on. ¬†The joy I feel to be able to have my little boy choose which flavor or color he wants, is just amazing. ¬†It’s the only place he can have a cold treat from that we know of, and can not be any more thankful. ¬†We have frequented there so many times since our first time this past summer.

They have an allergen chart where you can see all the flavors that have major allergens.  My son has come to love the pear, apple, and cotton candy flavors.  They offer different flavors that are freshly made daily.  You can sign up for special coupons or deals by joining their online birthday club as well.

I grew up eating ice cream, and am a huge fan so to be able to enjoy a frozen treat with my son on the go is incredible to us.  We do have other options like buying a pint of ice cream and bringing it home, but to be able to eat from a little shop is awesome.

So if you have food allergies, or know someone who does, check out Rita’s! ¬†It changed our evening drives, and gave us a treat after the movies. ¬†We usually go to the one in Yonkers, New York, find your nearest location¬†here.


**I wrote this post a while back and our nearest location has closed for the season. ¬†Hopefully yours hasn’t. ūüôā

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