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Painted Cookies Mommy?

We decorated cookies for the first time together, with color!

I have made him cupcakes, cakes, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, funnel cake, many things, but not sugar cookies we can decorate.  Oh the excitement!  To have seen other kids eat it, and to have seen pretty colorful cookies at stores and bakeries, and not be able to touch it, to eat it..well now he finally could!

I have been looking for food coloring to make cakes, cupcakes and cookies fun for him forever.  Up until two weeks before Christmas, I only made white, a slight pink one (made from beets), and brown frosting made from real cacao powder.  Due to his many food allergies it was hard to find one I could trust to be safe, most of the ones I found had “modified food starch,” which according to my research could be a range of food items.  And another I had found had sweet potatoes as coloring, it was all so hard to take a chance.  Finally found a food coloring that worked for us.

It turned out really crunchy, sweet and tasty, as for appearance, I can say, my son was pleased. 🙂  It was my first time decorating cookies so I give myself the pass, even if it wasn’t the best looking…

Cutest thing to hear my son as me, “Mommy is it paint?”  “Is it yucky?  Can I taste it?”  “What is it mommy?”  Just because of the vibrant colors, he has seen them, but to actually know he can have them, I was so excited to finally be able to give him fun cookies to eat.

Since by now you already see, these are cookies from around Christmas, so to go along with my “going back in time” post, here’s a pic of our tree. 😉 

Family Meals During The Holidays

So as our little boy gets older, it seems to get harder to just feed on the go.  For some of you that don’t know, he has severe multiple food allergies, find a full list of his allergies here.

When he was an infant, no problem, I breast-fed.  When he was a little older, still no problem, he ate very little of whatever I made him.  Now he is three, with so many preferences and opinions when it comes to his food.  One year I made the family turkey (allergy friendly) and brought it over to my dads house, we aren’t very traditional so it worked out just fine!  The year after that I made my boy a collection of his favorites and brought it to my sister in-laws home, still worked out just fine.  As long as his plate was full of good food, he ate it.  So as you can see the only way that it really works is if I make him food and bring it along with us, where ever we are headed.

This year proves to be more difficult because we will be sitting around a table far from home and having a “traditional” family meal at another sister in-laws home.  I’m nervous because I like to make him a version of everything that might be on the table.  I’m thinking of making a whole chicken, and some sides to take with me for him to enjoy.  Sides will include all the vegetables he likes, mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, pickles, I mean anything I can think of so he can have a feast.  🙂  I always look like I’m moving in whenever I go visit friends or family for a day, or for a meal.  I carry all the food, drinks if needed, plates, his silverware..I carry so much because I just don’t want my boy to be left out.  Happy boy makes happy mommy.  🙂

Many of the little kids in my family aren’t even into food like my son is, which is so ironic.  They can have it all, but pay no mind to what’s on the table and what people eat during this or that holiday.  While my son is very aware, and wants a piece and taste of it all.  I say he loves food and appreciates it because he knows he can’t have so much, so when he can, he appreciates.

Also have to figure out what I’ll make for dessert for him as well.  A busy day awaits, but in the end all worth it when I see my little boy eating away.

I’m thankful to proudly say I have successfully made sure my son is not left out during the holiday meals these past few years, what are you most thankful for?

~Happy Thanksgiving!~

Food Allergy Scares Are Everywhere

One of the many things I fear as a parent of a food allergic child, is curiosity getting my baby in serious trouble.  I have always feared that even though he knows all the facts, and as much as he understands, that when left on his “own” he will give certain foods a try.  I fear that he will get together with friends, and just try.  I stress it so much, that will harm him if he even touches certain foods.

Well, that fear came very real the other day!  We went to the farmers market earlier in the day, had bought some fresh local vegetables, fruits, and we got tempted to buying organic whole grain bread that our son is allergic to.  Not the first time we had brought food our boy is allergic into our home.  He knows what he can and can’t have, and we usually put it out of his reach and if we eat it, it is when he is asleep or totally out of his reach.  We are very careful with it, as it is basically “poison” to our son.  We had just came in, and I had dropped on counter.

It wasn’t long after we had returned back home, my son went to wash his hands after me, I exited to the bedroom to change.  No big deal, normal, usual activity.  I hear crumbling of paper in the other room, as I finished changing, I come into the kitchen to see my little boy with the long french bread in his hands out of the paper bag it was his hands!!! My heart must have stopped right then and there for atleast a few seconds, I totally panicked.  Ran, grabbed him, frantically washing his hands, checking him all over.  Luckily he wasn’t harmed, and not even a hive appeared.  He didn’t eat any of it, what I saw was what he had done.  Pulled the bread out of its bag, and held it out of curiosity.

I gave him a long speech, telling him how serious it was that he never do that again.  He even told me he touched the “allergy bread,” which worries me more too.  What if he now thinks that nothing will happen, because look how nothing happened.

It was total panic mode for a while, so to make up for it, we made apple pie together that evening.  I wanted to make him that “exact” same bread that he can have, but unfortunately still haven’t found a good bread recipe, and have never made “real” bread before.  I have made many versions of bread myself.  It was our first time baking apple pie, and his first time ever having.  Unfortunately we had no patience, and didn’t let the pie cool enough before picking at it, which made my son decide that he doesn’t like apple pie because it is too crumbly!  Once it was cooled completely, it was really very good, but he didn’t want to try it.  We will try again soon.

So it is very real, and scary when what he needs to stay away from will always be available and around him.  Everywhere we go, anyone we spend time with, eventually eats something they are raving about, that he can’t have.  Saddens me that my son can’t have it all, and scares me that it can harm him.

In the meantime, I am keeping a close eye on everything near him, telling him more about his allergies, and creating all that I can to make sure he doesn’t feel left out.

Ready For The Party

It’s way passed my bedtime..not that I have any, but a proper time to sleep has long passed!  But I just finished the last preparations for my son’s birthday party tomorrow.  Hardest part was baking his cupcakes, but it’s all ready.  Only a few close friends, and family are coming so luckily I didn’t need to bake so many.  His first birthday, we ordered a cake for everyone, and my son if I recall didn’t have a cake.  On his second birthday, I baked him his own little cake, tasted great just didn’t look too great.  It was outside in the end of July, so the heat melted the icing.  We also served food for everyone that wasn’t allergy friendly, and made my son a separate dish.  That actually resulted in my little boy running around with hives, and I had to give him Benadryl.  Water balloons, and kids running around playing together caused that!  So this year I made cupcakes for everyone.  Completely allergy friendly, but just as good as the “normal” cupcakes.  I will stick to it’s healthier too, fresher organic authentic ingredients, can’t get that with most ordered cakes from store/bakery.  We are also keeping the food simple, and mostly allergy friendly.

I had some obstacles where the frosting wasn’t solid enough, and was running.  But with a few changes to original plan, they came out great!  My son actually ate two before he went to bed, and he never gets to eat cake so I let him.  He was licking the batter, and then the frosting the whole time.  It made me so happy to see him enjoy the simple things of being a kid.  I will post pics, and more about his birthday party this week once the fun is all over.  I’m ready for the party, but just need some sleep now!  Til’ next time!

Just Shopping For Food

A regular day going shopping for us seems to take up the whole day.  First the list of course, like anyone else I think, but then to find the products that are allergy friendly.  When we first entered the world of food allergies, we had to learn everything from scratch.  Some to our benefit, because I admit I never read ingredients in the foods that I bought before, now wouldn’t buy without reading.  Even if it’s food for my husband and I, surprising what we all consume..and not in a good way, so that is one good that came out of food allergies in the family for sure.  If you don’t already, stop and read what is in our everyday ‘go to’ foods.  Now back to shopping for allergy friendly products, it has definitely gotten easier over the years but here and there it takes extra effort and time to just to find that specific product.

Recently as I’ve mentioned, my son’s birthday is coming up.  So the last week, or more, I have been on the search for the simplest things that would be no problem if we didn’t need to buy allergy friendly, but unfortunately a mission for us.  It all depends where you live, because when I go visit my sister in another state and it never is a problem finding anything.  I believe I got everything I need for his cake for now, finally!  Oh and I also know there is options to order from online, but I still would end up buying from different sites to fulfill all I really need, so I just go physically.  Even though this time, I did order some stuff from the internet on top of everything else because couldn’t find it in any of the stores we have available.

So what am I talking about here besides baking ingredients, well noodles/pasta for example, many options but only a few that work for us, and just a select few stores that carry them.  We have been known to drive to three different stores, all in three different directions from one another to stock up on something as simple as pretzels for our son.  The latest, today we went to two different stores both thirty minutes from each other just to buy him candy that is safe to put in his pinata on his birthday.  Just a little packet of lollipops, he is okay with!  Well, of course we didn’t buy just one, and we stock up as much as we can, but the cost adds up easily.  We also bought allergy friendly ice cream, which is another thing to treasure, because we always have to hope to find it.

Just wanted to share just one of our moments in life that take up a lot of moments and often a lot of money too, and could be a struggle if we didn’t make fun of the drives and adventure of finding foods our boy is okay with.  It is always worth it to see that our little boy is never left out, well if mom and dad have anything to do with it! 😉

Eleven Days To Go

 Eleven days to go including today, and then we will celebrate my son’s birthday with some friends and family.  He will be three, in eight days.  And my birthday is in twelve days.  Time is just flying by extra fast lately.  I’ve been keeping so busy and haven’t had the chance to see what time it was before the day was over.  Although I will admit there have been days where I’m so busy, yet wonder what I actually got done in the end.  Have you ever had so much to do, started one thing then the other, but didn’t complete any of it?  0_o

Alot of what’s keeping me busy seems to be revolving around my son’s birthday party.  I’ve sent out invites, and have most of everything ready, but still stressing over the cake.  As some of you might know already, my son has multiple food allergies, so I’ve been trying to figure out a good recipe for making a cake from scratch, and making it look fun for a very excited three-year old.  He has been talking about his birthday everyday, since we told him his birthday is coming up!  I’m no professional baker, I used to enjoy baking for fun but from a box where you toss in some eggs  and milk, and your done.  But have entered into a new world, of baking from scratch.  It has its benefits, for sure though.  Nothing beats knowing exactly what you are eating, and making it fresh, as I say.  But sometimes I wish I could just order a cool cake for him, because I want him to have an awesome cake.  It’s alright though, just pushes me to get better at certain things, and creates fun moments to remember.

The party is going to be Disney Cars theme, so I thought of many different ways I could make his cake revolving the theme.  But after looking for food coloring, and asking around a bit too, I’ve decided to just stick with a cake or cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  No food coloring for us this time.  The food colorings aren’t good for you anyway, and the natural ones sold have some ingredients that my son is allergic to, so it is really not a win win situation.  I had a cake with dirt road, and then race tracks in mind, but guess not.  Another thing that troubles me is that the party will take place at a park, which means the cake or cupcake wont be in the refrigerator for hours before we blow out the candles.  In the heat, the frosting tends to melt out of shape.  Lots of little things to figure out.

So, I’m going to be a little off until his birthday party is done with, literally not thinking straight with so much going on, mostly in my head. *giggle*  Going to be baking to test out recipes, but still waiting on special flour and ingredients I ordered from web to arrive, which is making me nervous.  I remember one thing, and freak out about another.  I have a list of to do’s to complete…  I need tools for baking, I need the cupcake trays, and I need miscellaneous things like citronella candles.  Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you all posted as the countdown winds down.

Opinions, stories, or any tips you may want to share please comment below.  I’d love to hear it!

Pizza For Dinner

We were invited to a birthday party that was supposed to be yesterday, but they cancelled last minute.  I was okay with that, because it was going to be a pool party, and you guys might already know, I’m not running to flaunt it yet!  Still working on that one.  So we took the time, to finally head out to buy some things I needed for my sons birthday.  It’s about that time of year, when I start experimenting nonstop to make the best cake I can for him.  Last years birthday cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, I just put a mickey mouse candle and four cupcake toppers on four corners.  It tasted good, but it melted quite a bit by the time it was cake time last year, because we were at a park.  We plan to do it there again this year, hoping to come up with a clever idea so that won’t happen again.

After going back and forth about what I wanted to make for him.  I have finally decided, I plan to make him cupcakes instead of beating myself up trying to do a professional bakers job.  Perhaps next year I will.  I’ll keep you updated on how that turns out.

We were all very hungry after all the time we spent out, and my husband suggested pizza for dinner.  It had been so long since I had pizza, I couldn’t turn down the idea.  Of course, he has already lost the weight he wanted, so I lose on this one.  As you may know by now, my son can’t eat out, and certainly can’t grab a slice from outside because of his food allergies.  So what did that mean?  I had to make him pizza!  And I did it!  He can’t have a long list of foods, so it was a challenge but it was a success.  Our meal was delayed because it obviously takes time to make pizza from scratch, but the outcome was all worth it.  It tasted great, but my son wasn’t used to the texture of “dough” so he only nibbled a little, but ate the veggies on top.  This is the second time I made pizza, and happy to have found the resources to make it last minute.  I tell you, you learn to be unbelievably happy about the simplest things when you aren’t able to enjoy all the simple things in life.  Even though, I ended up making my son something else to eat to ensure he eats enough for dinner, that pizza you see in the picture was the highlight of our day.

I’d like to end with a little message to my friends, who don’t have food allergies, next time you grab a bite to eat alone or with your family without going through any thought of what the ingredients are or having to do what we have to each time, just take a moment to appreciate each bite and take in the moment with a smile.

And please feel free to share your thought and opinions below, I’d love to hear from you.

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