The Red Fruity Drink That Lead To My First…

It has been too long since I last really posted!  Have been so busy, and usually get posts done at night but have been too tired to stay up.  Nothing too eventful has happened lately.

Although!  Totally unrelated to my usual posts, in non parenting news; I experienced my first hangover.  I don’t get out much being a full-time mom.  But this time the party came to me.  Our neighbor was having a party for their two-year old boy, and invited us.  You might already be wondering how I ended up having a hangover at a toddlers birthday?!  Well for starters the party started at around eight, and was full of drinks and music.  What can I say?  Every culture does it differently.  And I don’t judge! 🙂  Never met our neighbors before until that night, and they were very nice people.  Have shared the elevator plenty of times, and might’ve had “weather talk” but nothing more.

It was a last-minute invite while my husband was on the elevator with them, probably when they were talking about the know how those conversations go.  At first we were thinking of not walking over five steps to their apartment, but then they came knocking on our door.  They have parties very often, and the music is loud enough to fill up half of our apartment, so it was interesting to see the other side of the wall.  My sister in-law was over with her son, and we had already had some wine with dinner already.  When we entered next door, we were handed drinks right away, and they didn’t take “no” for an answer.  So we thought, why not, and drank it!  It was a fruity red drink, that was secretly realllllly strong.

Lucky for me, my sister in-law stayed next door with the kids after we put them to sleep.  So I danced, I drank another one of those fruity drinks!  Before I knew it, I was feeling so drunk!  I don’t drink, I mean it is safe to say I don’t.  I don’t even go out, and it is hard to remember the last time I really went out.  Again, lucky for me, home was five steps away.  So I nicely walked away from the party once I felt a little waddle in my step, and blur in my vision.  Made sure all was well, went to bed as it was very late at the time.

Woke up in the morning feeling wonderful! I thought.  Lied in bed talking to my husband for about five minutes, talking about how great I felt, until I got up and my world spun!  I felt worse than the night before.  I felt dizzy, my head hurt SO bad, felt a heart burn feeling coming over me, felt like I could taste the alcohol, I was so thirsty, I mean “what was that red drink!?” I said frantically with a frown on my face.  So that was the day, the day I experienced my first ever hang over!

Happy to report my day went by fine despite what I apparently put my body through, and after I had some hot soup as I was directed to have, I felt better.  My little boy didn’t know a thing, and I still made him yummy pancakes that morning with a side of hemp milk!  That was definitely a moment I wont forget, dealing with a hangover while making sure I’m mommy first, because the headache can wait.

One thing to be learned from this post is; don’t drink the foreign fruity red drink, not after you have had wine, and definitely don’t agree to a second. 

When did you experience your first hangover?  Do you have any ways of “curing” the hangover?


Wordless Wednesday – Our New Car!

Made a new car with my son! 😛
We didn’t put too much thought or planning into it, and we have made better ones.  But this has always been one of our favorite things to do together.

Lots you can create..what do you do with old boxes?

Go Away Allergies and Asthma!~continued

So since last Thursday, we have had another appointment this past Monday.  It was to draw blood to test some of the allergens to cross reference and to get more answers.  Oh and there again, my son made me SO proud.  I know there are kids out there that are just as amazing as he is and more, but my son just makes me so proud.  They drew out five tubes of blood from his tiny toddler body.  So there he was again, biting his teeth tight, saying “~..ok..mommyy..~.”  He teared up again and said “ok that’s it, ok that’s it” as he said with the skin testing as well.  All as an intern stood by watching with no reaction, and the nurse holding my sons arm down with a tight grasp.  Tears dripped down, and I felt helpless holding my son tight on my lap.  Once he was done, he wiped his tears as I told him how awesome he was..I truly think he is one amazing child.  It could be the mom in me talking, but it is how I feel. 🙂

It wasn’t such a big deal some might say..but he goes through too much for a little three-year old.  And his patience has been tested many times.  I grew up with very few doctor visits, and very few issues as a child, so to see my son to deal with so much..simply breaks my heart.  Asthma and food allergies.  We don’t want to, but we work for asthma and food allergies, we raise awareness with every person we talk to, and every new place we visit.

Sadly our next appointment is in another two to three weeks, so we won’t be getting answers soon.  Once we compare results with the skin test results, and if we have anything that looks like he might be okay with, we would have to set up another appointment for a food challenge.  This will be a long process.  And to think, I first made the appointment to discuss immunizations for my son.

We ended our Monday with a sweet treat for our little boy.  He couldn’t make mommy any more proud.  Just wish all his allergies and asthma would go away!

Go Away Allergies and Asthma!

Appointment with my sons allergist last Thursday went well.  My little boy did amazing, he made me very proud!

He had over thirty skin pricks to test his reaction to allergens.  Done on both arms and both legs.  We have never done so many at one time before but went along with it.  He was incredibly patient and understanding.  I don’t think even some adults could have the patience for what he did.  They aren’t just bunch of skin pricks, but skin pricks that make him itch!  We blew on it together, sang some songs, and played “doctor” ourselves to help him get through it.

They turned into red dots right away, and some into bigger hives..some not!  We blew on it to help with the itching.  He said “ok mommy..” biting his teeth tight with a little shaky voice as I explained to him, why and what we were doing.  It was a long day for sure, from the waiting room to waiting on the doctor, and to the skin testing itself.  We brought in some fresh food to test, like onions, a banana, garlic, oats, and a couple more items that we were curious to get answers about.

In the end, I’m not sure if we got any real answers.  We saw the results and the doctor concluded, my baby boy looks allergic to dogs, mold, tuna, string beans, salmon..etc.  And might be showing improvement with some like wheat.  But like I said, no real answers.  As accurate as they say the skin testing is versus other ways of testing even blood. I didn’t feel the excitement come over me.  I wanted more.  It was hard to even think of because it was the foods that he had an anaphylactic reaction to at six months.

And, no I really don’t think I’m being negative about it, just really cautious of even thinking or getting excited too soon.  I used to think and pray of the day that my baby boy would outgrow something, to hear he is getting better, but it has always been the other way.  So my way of dealing with it is, just let it be what it is today.  He has food allergies, asthma..and that’s that.  No maybe plans in the future, of course always hopeful, but focusing on today, learning to live with!

Also didn’t help that this wasn’t the first time my boy has had skin testing for allergies, and I couldn’t help but notice the difference.  This time, this doctor “pricked” him like twelve at a time, and usually it is done one by one.  Something about this “new way” as he called it, didn’t seem like much of a prick, more like a press on.  So let it be, I am not celebrating anything yet.  Instead thinking about how much we want to move because of his new strong allergy to mold. :(..and as always dreaming of a day my son can be safe around all foods and breathe well at all times.

REVIEW: Shian Naturals – Just… Organic Body Wash

A little review of Shian Naturals Body Wash from Canada. 🙂

I recently got a chance to try the Shian Naturals Just… Organic Body Wash, it is over 80% organic.  It is made of all natural, unscented, hypoallergenic ingredients, and with that information I was already a fan.  It’s hard to find real anymore with so many scents and things in our products.

I have really sensitive skin so I really enjoyed using this body wash.  It didn’t leave a soapy residue, didn’t dry out my skin, it only has a light natural smell from the ingredients as it isn’t scented, and it left my skin feeling smooth and a body wash should.

The packaging is simple, and the ingredients are as follows:

“Ingredients: Water, Potassium Cocoate (organic coconut oil), Potassium Oleate (organic sunflower oil), Lauryl Betaine (derived from a common constituent of vegetable fats especially coconut oil), Glycerin, Benzyl Alcohol (preservative), Potassium Palm Kernelate (potassium salt of Palm Kernel), Palm Kernel Acid (fatty acid of palm kernel oil used as a opacifier, surfactants and emulsifier), Decyl Glucoside (cosmetic filler and soothes skin), Potassium Citrate (regulates acidity pH).”

Shian Naturals also carries a variety of products for skin, hair, and body care..they also offer a trial size of everything.  This is a Canadian company, and available in Canada.  I got the unique opportunity to try it by chance, thanks to @MultiTestingMom from, and Shian Naturals were nice enough to go through the trouble of sending it over.  Connect with Shian Naturals on twitter here.

*I received this product at no cost to me, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Activeaide – Bushmates Medical Holders

As many of you know already my son has severe multiple food allergies, you can see a full list of his allergies on my About page.  This means he has to have emergency medications on him at all times.  These medicines would include Asthma meds, Benadryl, and an EpiPen in case of an emergency.  As he is getting older, he will need to learn to carry and have his meds on him at all times.  At the moment we always have it on us, as he is always with us.

I always wondered how he would carry all this on him, in a little bag, on a pouch…  Then I stumbled upon the Bushmates Series Medical Holders; the Monkey asthma/anaphylaxis case from Activeaide.

It has a clear red medical sign on them.  So they are fun enough for young kids to want to carry them, but recognizable as meds.

My son wanted to carry it around right away.  It is very cute and is lined with four protective layers, that are thermal silver inner layer, air pocket core, another silver thermal layer, and the plush outer skin.  It has a soft outer layer much like a plush toy.  Has a key ring right at the neck of the monkey to attach ID tags or to hang.  I explained to him what it was and he understood it.

It fits exactly one EpiPen and my sons Inhaler medicine for asthma perfectly.  I was concerned by how to clean the monkey as it is like a plush toy on the outside and lined so well, I think the option would be to wipe clean?  It has a little key ring on its neck so you can possibly attach it to something, but I wished it had a strap so kids can carry it over shoulder for a hands free option, because I would want my little guy to have his meds with him at all time.  With our test run, my son carried it around but put it down often, until I ended up carrying it for him as would be the case with any toy a child carries around.  Despite my small concerns, I think it is a great way to get little ones used to understanding the need to carry their emergency medications in a fun cute way.  Perfect for toddlers that are still with their parents/guardian at all times.  Lots of a our children’s childhood is lost with so many warnings and scares, this is a way to bring fun with the reality that brings responsibility.

It is absolutely great, a great fun way for little kids to carry their life saving medicines in!  Fits his asthma medicine and an EpiPen perfectly as I mentioned, and my son already referred to the monkey medicine holder as his “life saver friend,” in reference to my explanation of what it was.

Activeaide is an Australian based company that sells only allergy and asthma products.  A company inspired and motivated by their daughter Melina who had food allergies at a young age they offer great products and have an extensive links section to help others with information related to food allergies.

*I received the item to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own.

PARTY CITY – Be Afraid Ultimate Party Kit – Get Ready For Halloween!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Party City. All opinions are 100%mine.
Ready for some Halloween themed drinks!

The summer has flown by!  And it’s already time to get ready for Halloween!  Did you know Party City is America’s largest specialty party goods chain and the country’s premiere Halloween specialty retailer?  I always turn to them for my party needs.  It’s time you get your Halloween Costumes, and all you party supplies/decorations together, because all the stores will be sold out soon, and you’ll find yourself scrambling to find something good for your little ones, and scraps of decorations last-minute.

We are planning to throw a Halloween costume party at our home this year!  Halloween is also my husbands birthday so it works out perfectly!  Besides wearing costumes, decorating is one of our favorite things about Halloween.  We turned to Party City, for their variety of Halloween Party Themes to create memories with.  They have great party kits available like the Cars Party Supplies Ultimate Kit we used for my son’s birthday.

I love the Be Afraid Ultimate Kit for Halloween.  It includes everything you will need to throw a party for about sixteen guests. With a few clicks you can be done with all your party needs, and still have the option to add-on if you want to.  Here’s the very long list of what’s included:

  • 18 Be Afraid Lunch Plates  
  • 36 Be Afraid Lunch Napkins
  • 18 Be Afraid Paper Cups
  • 2 Plastic Table Covers 54 x 102
  • 16 Plastic Orange Forks
  • 16 Plastic Orange Spoons
  • 16 Plastic Orange Knives
  • 20 Be Afraid Invitations
  • 2 Midnight Dreary Plastic Platters
  • 2 Shocktails Glitter Table Decorating Kits
  • 1 Black Star Mini Confetti 1/4oz
  • 1 Be Afraid Halloween Letter Banner
  • 1 Orange crepe streamer 81ft
  • 1 Black Crepe Streamer 81ft
  • 20 Orange & Black Halloween Latex Balloons
  • 1 White Curling Ribbon 66ft
  • 1 Margarita Drink Mix Bucket 22.5oz
  • 24 Assorted Candy Stripe Birthday Candles
  • 1 Clear Plastic Skull Pitcher 48oz
  • 1 Margarita Rim Salt 8oz
  • 2 Skulls & Bones Ice Trays

Planning for a party can be time consuming but with this party kit, you are set!  Just make your selection from the Halloween Party Themes and if you decide to choose an ultimate kit you are seriously well prepared.  It includes everything from the invitations, to balloons (the string for the balloons), table decor, streamers, plates, and more as you can see!  Now that’s pretty easy!  Be sure to check out the Halloween Costumes for the great selection of costumes for boys, costumes for girls, and for adults, now before costumes sell out.

Hope you got an idea of how fun this party kit is with the many photos all over this page, of some of the items in the Be Afraid Ultimate kit.  We are very excited and can’t wait to set it all up.  A kit that includes the drink mix, cool skull & bone ice trays, and the pitcher to serve them!  I chose the “Be Afraid” kit one because I know the kids will enjoy any party and it was a way to make it fun for the adults too.

Parties are fun, but nothing beats being well prepared, so don’t forget to go to Party City or the website by clicking here Party City for your next fun party!  And get to Halloween shopping!!

Oh and please feel free to share any ideas or tips you may have for me about throwing a Halloween party, it’ll be my first! 🙂

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